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Root Canal Therapy

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However, sometimes a root canal can become inflamed due to an injury or infection, which results in extreme pain and possibly even tooth loss. When this occurs, root canal therapy is necessary.

While root canal therapy may get a bad rap, their reputation is undeserved. Not only do root canals save teeth from extractions but, thanks to modern dental advances and technology, the procedure is also relatively pain-free. As a result, root canal therapy is not a scary, painful procedure but rather a life-saving first aid solution for your tooth.

Some signs that you may need to undergo root canal therapy include:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Gum swelling
  • Recurrent pimple on gum

During root canal therapy, the inflamed pulp and nerve is removed, the empty space is filled with a permanent filling, and a permanent crown is placed over your tooth. It typically takes only 1 or 2 visits to complete and local anesthesia will be used so you don’t even feel the procedure. Then, once your root canal therapy is complete, your smile will be saved.

You don’t need to suffer from a toothache. Instead, you can put an end to the pain and save your smile with root canal therapy at Healthy Dental Expressions. Contact our experienced dental team to schedule your appointment or for more information today.