Dental Anxiety Relief: There is Nothing to be Afraid of with Us

Relieving Dental Anxiety in Lake Worth, FL : Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Does a bad past experience haunt you and keep you from seeking dental care? Dr. Suarez is trained to help those with dental anxiety find a way through to get needed care and obtain high dental health.

Is dental anxiety common?

Somewhere between 24 million and 35 million people suffer from dental anxiety. Just for the sake of perspective, if you added up the total population of the 10 largest cities in the country, you would come up about 24 million. This does not count people who fear the dentist but still go. This represents people who will avoid going to the dentist at all costs. If you are one of these people who needs to be helped, Healthy Dental Expressions is here for you.

What causes dental anxiety?

The number one reason people give for their fear of going to the dentist is a painful past experience. In fact, more than 60 percent of people cite a painful childhood experience. It is likely that their pain could have been avoided. For example, their pain may have been due to an overly generalized approach to local anesthesia. Not everyone with the same body type, age, race, or gender will have the same level of pain tolerance. Outdated techniques (which may have been replaced by less painful, more effective techniques) may have been used. Understanding how dentistry has changed for the better is a big step toward beating that fear.

How can Healthy Dental Expressions help me?

The first thing we can do is listen to your concerns. Talking to Dr. Suarez will help you see where your earlier treatment may have gone wrong. The staff will help you feel comfortable while in our office. They will treat you like family, and you will know that you are genuinely cared for while you are here. You will be treated to different amenities to increase your comfort, such as free water, blankets, and a flat screen TV in the office to help you relax. We want you to be calm while you are here for your needed treatment.

What sedation options are available?

Healthy Dental Expressions offers oral sedation, a mild to moderate level of sedation. This form of sedation dentistry will help you feel relaxed while you are getting your dental treatment. Oral sedation needs to be taken about an hour before your appointment to give the pills time to take effect. Because the pills need time to exit your system, you will need to get a ride home.

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