Oral Surgery to Correct Unique Dental Problems

Healthy Dental Expressions : Oral Surgery in Lake Worth, FL
When you have a dental issue that a less invasive treatment can’t fix, Dr. Suarez may recommend oral surgery to correct those problems in an effective and efficient manner.

What is oral surgery used for?

Oral surgery is a way for Dr. Suarez to correct issues that are more structural in nature. Think of a house. If you have to fix a hole in the wall, you can use drywall mud to fix it. But if you have a problem with the wood that makes up the wall, then you need to tear the wall out and put a new wall in its place. Oral surgery is similar. To fix problems in the structure of your mouth, you may need to have something removed and/or replaced.

Does Dr. Suarez do tooth extractions?

Dr. Suarez does perform tooth extractions. He will do all standard tooth extractions and even wisdom teeth (third molar) extractions as long as the teeth are not impacted. In the case of impacted teeth, we will refer you one of the trusted specialists we work with to make sure you are getting the level of care you need for the surgery to be successful. Tooth extractions are a routine procedure here, and with Dr. Suarez’s expert care, a local anesthetic, and oral sedation (if needed), you will be in good hands.

Will Dr. Suarez remove my wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in, usually in your late teens or early 20s. They can cause pain, infection, and tooth decay and even shift other teeth out of place as they try to break through the gums. That is why we often recommend removing them. As long as Dr. Suarez is able to see your wisdom teeth, he can extract them. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, we will refer you to a specialist so you can have your extraction done in a fast and effective manner.

What is a ridge augmentation?

Some people have a deformity in their dental bone, specifically in the ridge that holds the sockets of your teeth. This can greatly impact the appearance of your smile. By using bone or material similar to bone to fill the deformity, Dr. Suarez can produce new bone growth in the area and correct your appearance. This new bone mass can also make dental implant placement possible.

What is a sinus lift?

Dr. Suarez is able to increase the bone mass on the upper part of a patient’s jaw by lifting the sinus cavity and filling the open area with bone or bone substitute. This will stimulate new bone growth needed for dental implant placement.

What do gum grafts treat?

Gum grafts are used to treat gum recession. Dr. Suarez performs this surgical procedure by taking healthy tissue from one area of the mouth and placing it over your receded gums. Not only does this have a cosmetic effect on your smile, but the new gum tissue will help stimulate new, healthy gum growth along the gumline as well.

How can a bone graft help me?

For those who want to have dental implants placed, a bone graft is a great way to increase your bone mass so that you can successfully receive dental implants. Ridge augmentations and sinus lifts are examples of bone grafting procedures, as they both graft in bone material to improve bone structure.

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