General Dentistry: Keep Your Smile Healthy for Life

Healthy Dental Expressions : General Dentistry in Lake Worth, FL
Take the time and make the commitment to keep your smile safe from harm. Let Dr. Suarez help you with general dentistry treatments.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is the realm of preventive dental care. This is the area in which all of those treatments aimed at keeping your smile healthy reside. Dental exams and cleanings are a prime example of this. You get your teeth looked at two times a year to make sure you don’t have any issues. These routine visits also allow your dentist to find issues early so that you can get treatment quickly.

What is the dental exam and cleaning process?

Your appointment will start with dental X-rays to help identify any issues that may be starting to develop. From there, you will move to your cleaning with a dental hygienist. The hygienist will professionally clean your teeth beyond what most Lake Worth dental offices do and will note any area of concern for Dr. Suarez to look at. Dr. Suarez will join after your cleaning and give your mouth a thorough exam. He will also perform a quick oral cancer screening. This is a wellness check and should not worry you at all.

Can Dr. Suarez treat my gum disease?

Gum disease affects more than 50 percent of the adult population. It is also the #1 cause of adult tooth loss in this country. Dr. Suarez knows the dangers of gum disease, which is why he provides different ways to treat the problem. Our gum disease treatment, including scaling and root planing as well as laser gum disease treatment, is meant to rid your mouth of the disease-causing bacteria and give your body a chance to repair the damage the disease may have caused to your gum tissue.

What is TMJ?

TMJ refers to disorders in the joint that connects your jaw to the rest of your skull. The muscles that control this joint travel all the way up into your temple. This means problems with the joint can even cause headaches. Dr. Suarez can use custom oral appliances to help take the pressure off of your TMJ and give your body a chance to heal. These mouthguards can also prevent teeth grinding (bruxism), which can trigger TMJ pain.

What are the benefits of athletic mouthguards?

The obvious benefit of a mouthguard is that it protects your teeth if you get hit in the mouth while you are playing. There are other benefits as well, such as protecting your lips from injury due to your teeth, protecting your teeth from chipping other teeth in your mouth, and also lessening the likelihood of a concussion.

What is causing my dry mouth?

There are several reasons you may have chronic dry mouth. The first is dehydration. Making sure to drink enough water during the day is a good place to start. Another reason you may suffer from this issue is due to a side effect of medication you are taking. We will do a full oral exam to figure out the cause of your dry mouth. We have OraCare products to help restore healthy saliva levels. If your medication is causing dry mouth, we may recommend you talk to your prescribing physician to see if there is an alternative.

Why do I still have bad breath after brushing?

Your tongue has a lot of influence on how your breath smells. If you have chronic bad breath, try brushing your tongue to improve your breath. If that doesn’t help, you may have a problem with your teeth (tooth decay or gum disease) that is contributing to the smell. We offer several solutions to help you with your bad breath, from oral treatments and rinses to deep cleaning treatments. Talk to Dr. Suarez today about what you can do to get fresher breath.

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