Professional Teeth Whitening: A Whiter Smile is Closer Than You Think

Healthy Dental Expressions : Teeth Whitening in Lake Worth, FL

Does the color of your smile cause you pride or hesitation? If it’s not pride, then you need to talk to Dr. Suarez about teeth whitening from Healthy Dental Expressions today.

OTC Whitening Or Professional Teeth Whitening?

One question we get often from patients, both established and new, is why should they pay to have their teeth whitened at the dentist when they can get the “same thing” for less money at the grocery store. While we understand where this question comes from (advertising is an amazing thing), it is not quite as simple as it sounds.

First, let’s get one thing straight. The dental whitening solution you can buy at the local market is NOT the same thing you will get when you have your teeth whitened by Healthy Dental Expressions. The FDA has made sure of that by limiting the potency in store-bought whiteners. These OTC brands are allowed to have only a 5 to 15 percent potency of the active whitening ingredient. This is to make sure consumers are safe from harm. This whitening gel is meant to be applied only to your teeth and could potentially harm the soft tissue (gums and cheeks) in your mouth if applied incorrectly. By limiting the potency, the FDA is safeguarding you against injuring yourself.

The professional teeth whitening solution you can get from Dr. Suarez has a 40 percent potency of the active whitening ingredient. Dr. Suarez will make sure you are safe and that your gums are protected during the whitening application. Trusting a professional dentist like Dr. Suarez with your dental whitening needs will give you the bright smile you expect.

What Dental Whitening Does Dr. Suarez Offer?

At-Home Option – The take-home option will provide you with custom-made dental trays that will keep the whitening solution where it is supposed to be: on your teeth and not on your gums and lips. This will help whiten your teeth more effectively and save you a potential injury or discomfort due to the concentrated bleaching element.

In-Office Option – Our in-office whitening can give you the best smile possible in a short amount of time – in just one hour. The Opalescence Boost whitening system we use will dramatically whiten the appearance of your teeth and reveal the dazzling smile you were meant to have.

Benefits Of Professional Dental Whitening

Effectiveness – With a higher concentrated whitening solution, our professional-strength whitening is much more effective than any OTC brands. You will have a much whiter smile after your treatment at Healthy Dental Expressions.

Speed – The speed of our professional dental whitening is on a whole other plane when compared to OTC brands. With the OTC brands, you could wait weeks before you see the results you are looking for (if at all). With Dr. Suarez, your new smile is revealed in an hour.

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