Damaged or Missing Tooth Causing Issues When You Eat?

Chewing your food well does more than just make the food easier to swallow. The chewing process breaks up the food and allows it to be pre-digested by your saliva. This leads to more efficient digestion in your stomach and more nutrients for your body. Your teeth are what gets this process started. If you have a problem with your teeth, such as missing one or more, you will have a hard time chewing your food and getting what you need from your diet. Getting these issues remedied is important.

Chewing is Supposed To Be The Easy Part

Here are a few different options you may need to get your smile back to where it should be and help you chew with ease again.

  • Damaged Tooth Causing Issues? Many times, a damaged tooth can be corrected with a dental filling or dental crown, but sometimes the damage dictates that the tooth needs to be removed. A dental bridge is a great way to fill the open spot that the tooth leaves behind, and it will still give you the ability to eat well and get your needed nutrition. Don’t deal with an overly damaged tooth any longer.
  • Missing A Tooth? If you have an open spot in your mouth, it throws everything else off with your bite when you chew. Also, you may get food stuck in the opening, causing you pain when you bite down. A dental bridge will replace that lost tooth and restore the full function of your bite in no time. Let Dr. Suarez help you today.
  • Missing More Than One Tooth? You know what to do if you need a tooth removed and what to do if you are already missing a tooth, but what if you are missing more than one? Partial dentures can replace multiple teeth in a row and return a fully, functional smile back to you. Let Healthy Dental Expressions help you chew again with this time-tested tooth replacement option.

How Dr. Suarez Will Help You

Dr. Suarez will treat the problem preventing you from chewing in the best way possible. He doesn’t overdiagnose, and he will never recommend a more intensive procedure than what is required to help you eat well again. When we tell you that you need a certain procedure, we will make sure it is exactly what you need. Trust Dr. Suarez and his staff to help you get the smile you deserve.

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