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Fastbraces® at Healthy Dental Expressions

Healthy Dental Expressions is proud to offer our patients the latest in orthodontic technology. Fastbraces®, a new technology that we are excited to offer, is designed to give you a healthier and straighter smile in as little time as possible.

Orthodontic treatment Accelerated

Fastbraces®, an innovative orthodontic treatment, can often reduce the time needed to complete traditional braces. Many of our patients see results at Healthy Dental Expressions in just a few months.

Comfort and Convenience

Many patients are hesitant to begin orthodontic treatment because of concerns over discomfort and long adjustment periods. Fastbraces®, a bracket system that is unique, addresses these concerns. It allows for a more efficient and gentle tooth movement. It means less adjustment, less pain, and an easier treatment schedule.


We are aware of the investment required for orthodontic treatment. Fastbraces®, on the other hand, typically require fewer visits, less materials, and reduced labor. This makes it an affordable alternative to traditional braces. Fastbraces®, which helps to ensure that a beautiful smile isn't a financial burden.

Non-Invasive Alternative

Many prospective orthodontic patients are frightened by the prospect of having to remove teeth. Fastbraces®, a technology designed to straighten teeth, without requiring such procedures, is a more comfortable and less invasive orthodontic treatment.

Dental Health Benefits

Fastbraces®, in addition to their aesthetic benefits, also promote your dental health. Fastbraces® straighten teeth faster, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay, which are common problems that can occur with traditional braces.

Fastbraces is the perfect solution for adults who want to gain a professional edge by straightening their smiles, or teens looking for an easy, comfortable, and affordable way to improve oral health.

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