Working With BCBS Florida For Healthier Smiles

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You deserve a strong, healthy smile. That’s why dental insurance exists in the first place. Regular dental care and treatments like fillings, dental crowns, and dental implants can be hard for some families to afford. But with the right insurance plan, you can get the treatments you need.

That’s why you should call our Lake Worth, FL dental office today at 561-877-3673 and make your next appointment. Our office accepts most forms of dental insurance to help make dental care more affordable and possible for you.

BCBS of Florida Accepted In Lake Worth

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida is one of the biggest names in insurance in this state. BCBS has been around for a long time, giving them the stability and understanding you want from a dental insurance company. That’s why Dr. Suarez is your BCBS of Florida dentist in Lake Worth. He knows that he can help more people afford the dental care they need by accepting such a popular and widespread dental insurance plan.

Experienced Dental Care From Dr. Suarez

Dr. Henry Suarez is your Lake Worth dentist who accepts BCBS of Florida dental insurance. That means you can come to him for your dental cleaning and dental exam needed every six months. And depending on your specific plan, such preventive dentistry treatment are often completely free to you.

After training at the UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Suarez came to Florida to set up his private practice. By remaining independent, he can offer the dental care you truly need. And by working with BCBS of Florida, that care can be much more affordable.

Call us TODAY at 561-877-3673 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next visit with a Lake Worth dentist who takes BCBS of Flordia dental insurance.