Smile Need Help? Know Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

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Does the smile you have not look like the smile you want? Find the solution to your cosmetic dentistry problem at Healthy Dental Expressions and boost your smile’s appearance with ease.  

Quick Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Cosmetic dentistry can help you improve every facet of your smile’s appearance. With such a wide array of influence, it is best to have a guide for correcting the cosmetic issues keeping your smile down. Below you will find a quick guide to different cosmetic problems and the solutions our Lake Worth, FL dentist has made available to you.

Dental Stains – Of all of the different aspects of your smile’s appearance, nothing has as much influence on whether your smile is considered good looking than the color of your teeth. Your teeth start out white, but then life seems to take its toll on your bright teeth through the foods you eat and beverages you drink. Don’t worry – you’re not in this fight alone. We can help restore the brightness to your smile in two ways.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening – The most obvious solution to your dental staining issues, professional teeth whitening can help you erase years of dental stains in as little as a single treatment. With convenient at-home and in-office solutions to fit your schedule, you can be sure that Dr. Suarez has a whitening plan that can help you.
  • Dental Veneers – After singing the praises of professional dental whitening, we know there are some deep stains that just can’t stand up to that solution. That is because dental whitening whitens from the outside in, and these stains actually come from the inside out. Teeth staining due to disease and medications needed to treat some health conditions may leave you with discolored teeth that professional dental whitening isn’t able to touch. Dental veneers are a solution that you should look into in these situations. A dental veneer is able to cover your real tooth and the deep dental staining along with it. You will have your better and brighter smile immediately.

Chipped Teeth – When you chip a tooth, people will be able to tell. Luckily, fixing the chip in your tooth and restoring the beauty of your smile is easy to do.

  • Dental Veneers – Dental veneers are a perfect way to restore your tooth to the shape it should be. Dr. Suarez will mold the veneer to match the desired shape of your tooth and then bond it in place to cover the unsightly chip. Now, dental veneers are more expensive than some solutions other dentists may use, but they are much more durable and dependable than those other methods. If you have a chipped tooth, take the time to ask us about dental veneers today.

Crooked Teeth – We talked about color having a dramatic effect on how your smile looks. The other aspect that can have as much of an effect on your appearance is dental alignment. Your teeth have a certain position that they are supposed to occupy. In the past, you may have been limited to unsightly metal braces to help align your teeth, but today, we can offer you other clear options to consider instead.

  • Invisalign – These invisible braces can help you get a straighter smile in less than half the time traditional orthodontic methods take to do the same job. Invisalign is more comfortable, as it is made from smooth plastic. It is more convenient, as the clear aligners can be removed for meals and hygiene so that there is no disruption to your diet or routine. The best part is that the aligners will not affect your appearance the way that braces do. The aligners are clear and practically invisible to anyone around you.

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