How A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Save Your Smile

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When you realize your smile has several problems, it can be a little overwhelming. Seeing chipped teeth and gaps in your smile can have you feeling like it’s not worth going to the dentist because there’s just too much to work on.

Thankfully, our Lake Worth dentist has the training and expertise needed to help even in extreme cases. Call our Lake Worth, FL dental office today at 561-877-3673 and make your initial appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. This plan can help restore your smile to how it should be: healthy and strong.

What Is A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

When you have a single problem with your smile, such as a lost tooth, then you should get a single dental treatment like a dental implant. But what should you do if you have more than one problem?

The wrong thing would be to treat them all without a plan. That could backfire. For example, there’s no need to get a dental crown placed on a tooth that you’re going to remove to make away for All-on-4 dental implants.

That’s why you need a full-mouth reconstruction. This is a comprehensive plan to use the restorative dentistry treatments you need to get the healthy smile you deserve.

Parts Of Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Technically, a full-mouth reconstruction can have any dental treatment that repairs or restores your teeth. That means yours will be customized to your particular need and smile. Here are some of the treatments that can be in your full-mouth reconstruction.


When you’re missing a tooth, it really shows. That dark gap is just going to stand out next to your white teeth. Worse, your other teeth will soon start to get crooked because they’re missing the support from the lost tooth. That’s why you need a replacement tooth in that gap.

Thankfully, there are two ways to help. Dental bridges are a nonsurgical way to replace the lost tooth, while dental implants use an implanted artificial root to make the replacement tooth last much longer. Either can be part of your full-mouth reconstruction.


Damaged teeth look bad, but they’re also unhealthy. That’s because a tooth with a bad cavity, chip, or crack is weaker and more prone to additional damage. At the least, those cavities and cracks will grow worse because you keep chewing with that tooth.

By calling our Lake Worth dentist today, you can get those damaged teeth repaired with dental crowns. Dr. Suarez has many years of training and experience in restorative dentistry, including dental crowns. Once these caps are placed over your teeth, they will look great and be a lot stronger.


Dental implants are a great way to replace a lost tooth, but they do take some time. You have to wait until the site heals before you can get your replacement tooth placed on that artificial root. But our Lake Worth dentist is trained in a revolutionary treatment that skips the wait.

With Same-Day Smile, you can get both the implant and the replacement tooth in just one visit. That means you can walk out of our Lake Worth, FL dental office with a restored smile the same day you come in.


Traditional dentures are still used in dentistry because they work great. You can choose between three types.

  • Immediate dentures are a set of temporary dentures. These are often used when your regular dentures are still being made so you can have a full arch of teeth while waiting.
  • Partial dentures are for when you need several replacement teeth in a row.
  • Full dentures are great for when you have to replace all the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth.


One problem with traditional dentures is that they can sometimes slide around in your mouth when you chew. After all, dentures are held to your gums by the same of the base and a nontoxic adhesive. They can even fall out.

A new treatment exists that makes sure your replacement teeth stay where they belong. All-on-4 dental implants use a full arch of replacement teeth just like dentures. The difference is that it uses four implanted roots placed at a patented angle. This provides support and makes sure your replacement teeth are held firmly but comfortably.

Call us TODAY at 561-877-3673 or use our convenient online form to schedule your initial appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. After getting your smile thoroughly examined, you’ll speak with our Lake Worth dentist to decide what to include in your plan. Soon enough, you’ll finally have the healthy smile you deserve.