Cosmetic Dentistry For A Wedding-Worthy Smile

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Congratulations! Your upcoming wedding will take a lot of work and planning, but it’s sure to be a fantastic day. Speaking of planning, weddings don’t happen by themselves. You’re probably spending time making sure the venue and reception will look great. The same goes for the wedding party, your spouse-to-be, and you.

That’s why you need to call our Lake Worth, FL dental office at 561-877-3673 today to schedule cosmetic dentistry. Since you’re working hard to make yourself look great (diets, working out, tanning, hair appointments, etc.), getting your smile looking great only makes sense.

You Deserve An Amazing Smile For Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you’ll be having one of the most important days in your life. In fact, you’ll understandably be the center of everyone’s attention that day. Chances are, you’ll have family and friends helping you in the morning. At the ceremony and reception, everyone will either be watching you or taking pictures and videos of you.

Given all that attention, it makes sense to worry about how you look. That’s why so many grooms and brides diet and exercise to lose some weight, go to tanning salons for a healthy tan, and work for hours getting that tux or dress fitting just right. Besides, wedding photos and videos are the kind of things you’ll have around for decades. Many parents keep their kids’ wedding photos framed on the wall.

Unless you plan on frowning in your wedding photos, that means your teeth will also be front and center. If you have stained, chipped, or crooked teeth, call Dr. Suarez today at 561-877-3673 to schedule cosmetic dentistry treatments. There’s still time to remake your smile into something worthy of your wedding day.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Big Day

Here are the cosmetic dentistry treatments you can get from Health Dental Expressions and how they can help your smile look its best for your wedding.


When it comes to getting quick but impressive changes to your smile, it’s hard to beat dental veneers. Dr. Suarez is trained in using Lumineers, a high-tech veneer that’s incredibly thin while being durable and attractive. Once Lumineers are placed on the front of your teeth, all stains and damage are hidden from view. All people will see on your wedding day is a bright, healthy smile.


All those lattes and wines will leave behind dark stains on your teeth. It’s a slow process, so you might not even realize how dark your smile has gotten until you look at an old picture of you. Thankfully, professional-strength teeth whitening offered by Dr. Suarez is strong enough to quickly lift stains and brighten your smile.


Even if you had braces as a teen, your adult teeth can be a bit crooked. You can also have small gaps between your teeth. You certainly don’t want a mouth full of braces for your wedding photos, so skip braces and get Invisalign instead. These clear plastic aligners will reposition your teeth, but they are almost invisible when worn. (You can also take them out whenever you want to make absolutely sure they’re not in the way during your big day.)


Some people have teeth that look too long or sharp at the biting point. These can make an otherwise great smile look unusual, something you really don’t want for your wedding day. You can get help by calling Healthy Dental Expressions today for tooth contouring. In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, your teeth will be gently reshaped to look smoother and smaller.


When thinking about your wedding smile, don’t forget about your gums. If they’re too big, your teeth look small. If they’ve receded away from teeth, your teeth look big. Thankfully, gum reshaping can help. Using a dental laser, Dr. Suarez can reshape your gumline to give you the right balance between teeth and gums in your smile.


Several of these treatments can be combined in a smile makeover. If you have stained teeth, sharp edges, and a gummy smile, your smile makeover plan could include gum reshaping, tooth contouring, and teeth whitening. By planning them out ahead of time, you ensure that you get cosmetic dentistry treatments in the right order — and before your wedding day.

Call us TODAY at 561-877-3673 or use our convenient online form to schedule cosmetic dentistry treatments. Your wedding will be here before you know it. Don’t let a stained, unsightly smile detract from your big day.