Are you a candidate for Fastbraces®?

Would you like beautiful, straight teeth but can’t stand the idea of wearing metal braces for years?

Your wish is granted. Fastbraces® are changing the dental world, straightening teeth in a fraction of the time of traditional metal braces.

Dr. Henry Suarez at Healthy Dental Expressions in Palm Springs, Florida, is a Fastbraces expert. But Dr. Suarez knows that this new technology isn’t for everyone. 

Are you a good candidate for Fastbraces? Read on to learn if Fastbraces are right for you and your dental goals.

Fastbraces explained

Fastbraces is a new technology that straightens your teeth much more quickly than traditional metal braces. Ultimately, you get the smile you always wanted faster than you ever dreamed. In only 100 days, you can have straighter, healthier teeth. 

Traditional metal braces align a patient’s teeth via the crown in the first year and then the root during the second year. Fastbraces uses a unique triangular bracket that aligns the crown and root at the same time. In just a few months, this ground-breaking technology allows Dr. Suarez to help your mouth grow alveolar bone, the part of your jaw that supports roots that anchor your teeth in place.

As an added bonus, Fastbraces are less painful than traditional braces for many patients.

Are Fastbraces right for you?

Your first and most important reason for getting any type of braces should be you want straight teeth and a more beautiful smile. Kids can wear braces for years without too much disruption to their daily life. But adults often shy away from braces because they fear that a mouthful of metal will hurt their personal or professional lives.

Rule of thumb: If your dental problems will respond to traditional braces, then they should yield easily to Fastbraces. The one exception is a patient with extremely crowded teeth or who suffers from temporomandibular joint disorder.

The road to straight teeth via Fastbraces starts with a consultation with Dr. Suarez, who will be able to determine if you’re a candidate for this new technology. During your first meeting, ask Dr. Suarez any and all questions you have about Fastbraces and what you can expect before, during, and after treatment.

Crooked teeth can affect your dental health and self-esteem. Don’t let the fear of getting braces keep you from getting the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted. If you think Fastbraces might be right for you, contact Dr. Suarez by calling 561-235-3839 or by using our online booking tool.

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